Foluké Cultural Arts Center

“The ARTS, One of the most valuable tools for building relationships and community”

Vision & Mission

MISSION:  FolukéARTS is a community based organization based in Cleveland Ohio, whose focus is to strengthen and support underprivileged communities by providing access to performing arts, visual arts, and arts education. Our focus is at-risk Children, Youth, and Teens, and older adults.

The goal is to provide positive alternatives to negative behaviors by instilling discipline, self-pride and boosting self-confidence through self-expression and self-discovery, in addition to promoting academic achievements, socio-economic development, and community enhancement.

VISION: To provide multi-generational arts education services to the Greater Cleveland Area with a special commitment to the Cedar-Central ‘Promise’ Neighborhood.  To implement arts and culture activities that will develop positive community ‘norms’ through the belief that it takes a village to raise a child, and that the older people are keepers of the culture and must remain dynamic members of society to provide younger generations positive role models.


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Private contributions allow us to continue serving the youth and community of Cleveland. Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Please make your donations payable to Foluké Cultural Arts Center. Thank you!